Unearthing gems in global small caps

4 June 2015 / Global small caps, Spire news
In a low yield, low return environment, Spire Capital explains how the global small cap manager in its stable, Copper Rock, could be the answer to finding growth in an under-researched market. Financial Standard CR article

2015 – The Year of the (U.S.) Apartment

3 March 2015 / Uncategorised
Written by Dan Stanger, the Chief Investment Officer for Bridge IGP, this article highlights the US Multifamily Apartment market. The-Year-of-the-Apartment-a-Surprise-or-a-Trend-in-the-Making

Copper Rock Capital Global Small Caps Whitepaper

Copper Rock Capital Principal and Portfolio Manager, David Shea, discusses the role of global small caps in Australian portfolios.Copper-Rock-AU-Global-Small-Cap-Study

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