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Spire Global Private Markets Portfolio – Investment Guide

Spire Capital has released an investment guide about navigating the proliferation of private market opportunities for wealth management firms. The guide covers the following topics:

  • The drivers and trends of the democratisation of private markets, such as regulatory changes, product innovation, and investment manager push.
  • The challenges and considerations for wealth management firms in assessing and accessing semi-liquid private market offerings, such as fees, liquidity, portfolio, valuation, strategy, allocation, team, performance, access, and structuring.
  • The value proposition and capabilities of Spire Capital as a global private markets specialist that offers bespoke deal-flow and implemented solutions for mid-market investors.
  • The case study of a customised mandate solution that Spire Capital provides for a large Australian wealth management firm, highlighting the benefits of tailoring the investment mandate, portfolio management, funds management, risk management, tax structuring, and investment collaboration.

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