Through the Spire Global Investment Series, our strategic partnerships provide investors with true diversification by investing in difficult-to-access asset classes across both private and public markets.

These investments deliver greater potential to investors either by buying assets at less than their intrinsic value or by investing in businesses that can generate growth that is stronger than their peers.

In an uncertain market, this enables investors to take advantage of asset classes that have low correlation to Australian listed equities and are less sensitive to future market events such as interest rate increases.

The Spire Global Investment Series

Two ways to invest with us

Through your
financial adviser

Contact your financial adviser
to consider which fund is best
suited to your objectives,
financial situation and needs.

Direct through Spire Capital

Please read and consider the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)/ Information memorandum (IM) for the fund you’re interested in. Then simply fill out the application form at the back of the PDS/IM and send it with your application funds to the address detailed on the application form. The Product Disclosure Statement/Information memorandum and application form can be found in the PDS/IM & Research section for each fund. Hard copies can be obtained by contacting us on
(02) 9047 8800.