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NOW Closed – Now closed to investment.

Fund facts

Investor Type
Wholesale investors only
Asset Class
Alternative Assets
IM Date
1 July 2020
Suggested Investment Period
N/A - The Fund is closed ended
N/A - The Fund is closed ended
Open to new investment
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Investment Partner

EVP Fund III, LP is the third venture capital fund managed by EVP. The Fund will seek to invest in unlisted, early stage technology companies.

The Fund is seeking to raise total capital of approximately $50 million, with a minimum of $10 million. The General Partner may accept a maximum commitment of $125 million, subject to variation with IAC approval or by Special Resolution. The minimum investment in the Fund is $200,000. The Fund Manager may in its absolute discretion accept smaller amounts.

Capital calls need to be paid in full when called in accordance with the Partnership Deed, and Partnership Interests issued to Investors may be forfeited if capital calls are not met within the time frame set out in a call notice.

The Fund is an incorporated limited partnership and, subject to approval by Innovation and Science Australia, will be unconditionally registered as an ESVCLP. The Fund is not listed on any stock exchange. The term of the Fund is 2 years from the end of the Investment Period. The term may be extended by the General Partner for up to 3 successive 1 year periods by notice to Investors or by Special Resolution up to 15 years after the date of formation of the Fund (subject to the ESVCLP Rules whilst the Fund is an ESVCLP).

The Fund has a broad investment mandate, which is not limited to any particular sector, industry or business model. The Fund will seek to invest in early stage businesses with the following characteristics:

  • a new technology or a novel application of technology with potential to drive disruption within a defined market sector;
  • strong early market validation, evidenced by the business having already generated its first commercial revenue;
  • founders with exceptional credentials in terms of specific industry expertise or prior experience in early stage high growth companies;
  • business model that delivers (or is likely to deliver) attractive and sustainable unit economics;
  • a very large and well-defined target market;
  • potential for sustained revenue growth over the long term; and
  • a credible path for the Fund to exit its investment within the life of the Fund.

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