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NOW Closed – Now closed to investment.

Fund facts

Investor Type
Wholesale Investors Only
Asset Class
US Multifamily Real Estate

Target Return (Underlying Fund)
12-14% IRR, 1.8x Net Equity Multiple
Distribution Frequency
Annually, commencing June 30, 2022
Closed to new investment
Spire Management Fees
0.50% p.a. x NAV (paid monthly) plus GST, payable to Spire Capital Pty Limited at the Master Fund level.
Investment Partner

Spire Capital Pty Ltd (“Spire”) continues to have high conviction in US Multifamily real estate as a resilient source of absolute returns, with low correlation to traditional asset classes. Spire Bridge Multifamily Fund V (‘SBMFV’) provides an opportunity to capitalise on the continuing thematic of increasing demand in Class B US multifamily housing, driven by an existing undersupply of housing, an ageing population, embedded student debt and the economic flexibility that renting provides. By partnering with Bridge Investment Group (“Bridge”), Spire seeks to leverage upon the strong historical performance and streamlined ‘value add’ strategy in order to provide attractive returns with a low risk profile.

As the USA progresses through the COVID-19 crisis, Class B multifamily apartments have experienced higher and more stable occupancy rates than their Class A counterparts, driven by the affordability factor. Given this, and resultant of the success of Bridge’s predecessor multifamily funds, Spire returns to partner with Bridge to leverage from their deep industry experience and expertise, value-add strategy and in house synergies to best capture the emerging and enduring trends in the US multifamily space.

The Spire Bridge Multifamily Fund V (“the Fund”) serves as an Australian unlisted unit trust that feeds into the Bridge
Multifamily Fund V (“the Underlying Fund” or “Fund V”). The Investment Manager for the Underlying Fund is Bridge
Multifamily V GP LLC, an affiliate of Bridge Investment Group LLC. The Key Target Metrics are as follows:

  • 12-14% Net IRR
  • 1.8x Net Equity Multiple
  • Term of 10 Years from the Initial Closing


Ordinary Units

Performance as at 31 March 2024Net Returns*
1 month-0.52%
3 months-3.01%
6 months-8.11%
1 year-5.40%
Performance Since inception**-15.07%

*Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. Performance table is based on the aggregated total application amount and units issued during the capital raising period and includes Unit Price growth from commencement of NAV based unit pricing following completion of capital raising in January 2023. Unit Price and performance do not include the value of Foreign Income Tax Offsets (FITOs) which have been distributed in addition to cash. Individual investor performance will vary according to the Application Price at which they were issued Units in the Fund, which in turn was based upon the AUD / USD exchange rate applicable on the day that an investment is accepted. **Performance Since Inception – Inception date (31 January 2023) occurred from the commencement of NAV based unit pricing, following the completion of capital raising in January 2023. Please note however that each investor’s performance numbers are calculated on an individual basis from their time of application and may differ from the above. “Performance since inception” is measured as the is the Internal Rate of Return since inception. The IRR is the annualised rate of return that equates the amount and timing of irregular cashflows since inception with the period end value. For the purposes of the monthly report, the IRR replaces the time weighted return since inception effective 30 June 2023.

Date Unit Price Net Monthly Return*
31 March 20241.1923-0.52%

Fund Documents


Fact Sheet
Spire Capital Master Fund Financial Report
PeriodDistribution Amount (Cents per unit)Ex Price
30 June 2023 Nil CPU Cash, Nil CPU FITOs $