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This fund manager is going bargain hunting with Howard Marks – Capital Brief

18 September 2023 / Private debt, Spire news
Oaktree and Spire Capital are preparing to scoop up great businesses on the cheap Stuart Haigh is a director and head of investments at Spire Capital, a global private markets firm that has invested over $2 billion on behalf of...

Spire Global Private Markets Portfolio – Investment Guide

Spire Capital has released an investment guide about navigating the proliferation of private market opportunities for wealth management firms. The guide covers the following topics: The drivers and trends of the democratisation of private markets, such as regulatory changes, product...

The case for US Multifamily Real Estate | Q4 2020

30 November 2020 / Global real estate, Spire news
US Multifamily real estate - why now? 1. Demand- secular trends continue to support renting in the US (inc. mounting student-debt, aging population, immigration). Further, home prices have significantly outpaced incomes making buying a home simply unaffordable for many Americans. Meanwhile,...

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